the Lamorinda Living Podcast

This is a podcast facilitating personal and professional connections for residents of Moraga, Orinda and Lafayette.  Take a peek and a listen and find out what your neighbors are thinking about and doing.  And if you are a prospective resident, check it out and see if Lamorinda might be a good fit!


Hello!   I'm Jennifer LaForce and the host of the Lamorinda Living podcast.  After years of interviewing immigrants for political asylum, I am now trying my hand at interviewing my fellow neighbors.  Originally  raised in Chapel Hill, North Carolina,   I  landed in California in 2005 following two years in Kenya.   I  live with my husband and two elementary school kiddos in Moraga, and I'm a big fan of  Lamorinda!   

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Folks in the neighborhood


Craig has combined his passion for photography with his desire to help during the pandemic.  Craig discusses his "porch-traits" of family pictures taken on porches in exchange for donations to the Monument Crisis Center.

Jenn Freedman

Jenn shares her evolution toward plant-based eating, including her ah-ha moments and how it has impacted her health.  We discuss her blog, Plant Powered Livin', which featured family-friendly meals, kid lunchbox ideas, shopping lists, recipes, and interviews.


Sandra Ann Harris

Lafayette's Sandra Ann Harris, reflects on her lightbulb moment picking up her son from daycare when she realized that plastic was everywhere.  Fast forward, she has now written a book to shares her life hacks for plastic-free living.  Sandra Ann reveals "easy buttons" at Whole Foods, how to flag your Amazon account for no plastic packaging and how to vote with your wallet.

Karen Ferguson

Karen Ferguson is the former director of the Northern California branch of the International Rescue Committee.  She discusses her work in the global humanitarian sector, the process of refugee resettlement, and what skills she acquired running a non-governmental organization.

Graham Wiseman

Graham's son was an Acalanes student when he took his own life.  Graham has dedicated his life to ensuring other parents don't ever have to experience a similar loss.  Graham talks about his advocacy for school wellness centers and how Lamorindans can watch for signs of anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation in children.

Christine Raymond

Owner of Lafayette Social magazine, Christine discusses how this community-based magazine came to be and how it supports her passion for creating connections and sharing passions. 

Dana Green

Top Lamorinda realtor Dana Green discusses home values during the pandemic as migration patterns trend away from density.  Dana shares what she looks for when evaluating a house on the market and what she suggests as home investments to ensure value holds for sellers. 

Bruce Burns

Moraga's school superintendent discusses all the considerations going into how and when local schools will open this Fall.

DJ RyanO

Local DJ and Moraga parent discusses how his street parties/drive up DJ business has helped keep the sanity of Lamorindans during the shelter-in-place. 

Rebecca Bauer-Kahan

Orinda mom and State Assemblywoman  discusses her values and what motivated her to leave private practice and run for office.  Wonder what she looks for when hiring or what has been most difficult in the transition to public life?  Take a listen!

Justin Cole

Co-founder of Moraga's  Joy In Motion,  shares his love of dance, core values and how to run a dance studio during a pandemic. 

Elizabeth  La Scala

College & graduate admissions advisor provides updates on what students can expect when attending colleges this Fall. 


Ellide Smith

Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee Parents Club at Campolindo HS discusses how the group is organizing and engaging school leaders at this time. 



Executive Director of the Moraga Citizens Network (MCN) shares the mission behind this grassroots community forum and how it promotes community and governance accountability in Moraga. 

Moraga Safe Storage Campaign
Moraga Safe Storage Campaign


Allison is a mother of two who recently led the charge to pass gun safety storage law in Moraga.  She discusses the journey passing this ordinance and navigating a hot topic in her own backyard.

Mindful Littles Non-Profit
Mindful Littles Non-Profit


 Tanuka is an Orinda resident who left corporate America to start a non-profit called Mindful Littles aiming to spark compassion in youth through service learning.  Tanuka talks about her journey from corporate America to the non-profit world, and her belief that this was what she was always meant to do


Square Baby Inc.
Square Baby Inc.


Katie and Kendall  are Orinda moms who were fed up with all the substandard baby food options.  They launched Square Baby in Orinda to offer parents a nutrient-packed  baby meal system. They share their trials and tribulations as well as the tea leaves pointing to a lot of future successes growing their  business!

Moraga Fire Chief
Moraga Fire Chief


David is the Moraga Orinda Fire Chief.  He talks with us about wildfire management in Lamorinda our  risk of future fires.  

Running an Elementary School
Running an Elementary School


Brian Sullivan is a Moraga father and the principal of Rheem Elementary in Moraga.  Brian shares the special sauce for making a great school.  And how it's not so different from basketball. 

Atomic D
Creative Director

Brian T. Nowac

Brian is a Moraga father and a co-founder of the S.F. based creative strategy firm Atomic D.   Brian discusses brand strategy and the importance of creating a supportive work culture.   


Interior Home Stylist
Interior Home Stylist

Rebecca LeIMBACH

Rebecca is a Moraga mother who provides interior styling to Lamorinda residents.  She talks about her eye for room improvements and how she helps residents without breaking the bank. 


10,000 Lunches Program
10,000 Lunches Program


Brett is a Moraga resident and  teacher at Joaquin Miller Middle School where he launched the 10,000 Lunches program. Students pack lunches that are then provided  to the homeless  in the East Bay.  Brett talks about how the program works and what lessons it conveys.


Drop Box and the Tech Industry
Drop Box and the Tech Industry

Billy Blau

 Billy is a Moraga father  who has been in the tech industry for 25 years, having worked at a startup, Oracle and Salesforce before landing at Dropbox as VP for Business Development.  Billy explains his role, skills he relies on to be successful in the tech industry and what he looks for when hiring.


Town Council and the Campaign to Save Painted Rock
Town Council and the Campaign to Save Painted Rock


Steve Woehleke is a  Moraga resident and town councilman who supported the campaign to Save Painted Rock which provides countless teens a free billboard on Moraga's famous hillside. He  speaks about the inner machinations of Town Council and how the sausage is really made!

 Child Protection
Child Protection

Dr. Lynnā McPhatter-Harris

Lynna is a Lafayette mother and psychologist who works to assist child welfare agencies improve their services.  A program associate for the National Council on Crime and Delinquency, Lynna talks about the challenges of state intervention into families and best practices to keep families intact whenever possible.


Teens and Addiction
Teens and Addiction

Dr. Ann Schiebert

 Dr. Ann Schiebert is a Lafayette resident and psychologist who specializes in teens and addiction issues.  Author of several books, Ann speaks about her own experience having an addicted child, the signs for parents to look for in a struggling teen and how to   respond when addiction comes into the home.

Lamorinda Moms
Lamorinda Moms

Kristin Oliveira Kraetsch

Kristin is an Orinda Mom and Co-Director of Lamorinda Moms.  This organization provides emotional and social support to families in Lamorinda. Kristin talks about their flagship initiatives for new moms who may be feeling overwhelmed. 

Owner, Canyon Club Brewery

Kevin Hamilton

 Kevin is a Lamorinda dad and co-founder of the new  Canyon Club Brewery.  Kevin will share how the idea germinated to launch a brewery in a town that misses the old barn and how he hopes this will do to Lamorinda what Sierra Nevada Brewing Company did for the town of Chico. 

Policing in San Francisco

Adam P

Adam is a Moraga dad and police sergeant.  He discusses police work in a major metropolitan area, use of force issues and what it's like to be photobombed by someone you once arrested.


Ana moon

Moraga’s Ana Moon, volunteer for the Moraga Education Foundation, discusses how despite the fact that California ranks 41st in per pupil funding, Moraga’s schools are excellent thanks to the local commitment to education. 

Dr. Daniel Robbins

Dan Robbins works at Lamorinda Pediatrics providing care to many youngsters in the area.   Dan discusses his side gig with the JF Kapnek Trust and his role providing health care in Zimbabwe.

MargiE Ryerson

Margie  is an Orinda author and Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT).  She  talks about how minimize pain to the children during a divorce.

Kerry Corcoran

Kerry Corcoran co-owns the Dailey Method in Lafayette. Kerry talks about the community of wellness she is building and why she is a 'barre' believer.


Lafayette business owner of Local Food Adventures discusses how she uses food tours to convey history in the East Bay, including a Lafayette Tour.

Stephanie dickerson & Bruce Burns

Moraga parent teamed up with Superintendent Bruce Burns to discuss newly-adopted measure to keep students safe in the schools. 


Lafayette parent discusses her participation in a cultural proficiency working group and how they are challenging LUSD to do better with race and diversity in schools and curriculum. 

HOLLY Jackson

Lafayette business coach gives her suggestions for launching or growing a business including market research, drafting a business plan and scaling  up. 


Lafayette Chamber of Commerce Exec. Director discusses flagship programs to support local businesses, and pain points, including life in the Covid era. 


Moraga resident shares insights about working at a scale-up tech company, Drift,  and what his past life at SalesForce taught him about sales.



In-house (and in-family) musical consultant, David Warren provides the intro and outro "score" titled St. David's Train Station.   This song is a nod from his youth growing up on the Main Line outside Philadelphia.  Uncle David lives with his wife Sally in Hilton Head Island, SC.  Uncle David rocks...