Had two folks add me on linkedin last week after they heard the interview! And one of them wants to collaborate! Super cool! Been 4-5 folks total who have pinged me actually! Thanks Jennifer for what you do!  --Tanuka, Mindful Littles


“Like a good auctioneer who can get you to reach into your pocket and pull your wallet out, as an interviewer, Jennifer keeps you focused on the story while making you feel like you are sharing that story with your best friend. We all have stories.  Jennifer helps to bring them to life.” - Jay Lifson, Lafayette Chamber


Jennifer is a skilled host who asks thought-provoking questions.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to share my experience working on a public safety issue in our community with her.  - Alison Anderman


“Lamorinda Living is a bit like our own local version of “Sixty Minutes”.  The featured stories can be explored in greater depth than one normally sees in conventional media.  Jennifer as the Podcast host is very good at personalizing each subject, giving it a Lamorinda perspective.  - Steve Woehleke, Town Council


Jennifer really prepares for her interviews, making it easy for her guests to be at ease and share with the audience authentically. Jennifer is professional and her final content is always very polished. I recommend working with Jennifer as she is a very talented podcast host. – Holly Jackson, Business Coach


I participated in Jennifer's Lamorinda Living last year. She is an excellent interviewer and keeps up on our special community.  I appreciate her dedication to our local news and events. - Ann Schiebert, PsyD, Drug Intervention Specialist